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Aluminium CNC Routers

Without compromise, ART machines have all the features essential to ensuring your business success in the highly competitive marketplace. Colombo Spindles, Tangential Inkjet Print Heads, Integrated Swarf Transfer Systems, Rotary Tool Changers and robust steel construction to name just a few.

Consequently, with one machine you will reduce you labour and factory overheads, increase productivity, maximise material yield, achieve greater flexibility and profitability while still maintaining the highest quality in both product and customer service. So, if you are in the business of building ships & boats or cutting aluminium sheet & plate, ART has the ideal solution for you.

The machine, featured here is a 21000SX Aluminium Router.

CNC Aluminium Router

Innovation and change are two concepts that keep ART at the top of the ever evolving manufacturing industry. This is made evident through many aspects of the machine such as:

•  Touch Screen
•  Swarf Transfer System
•  Software
•  Process Area
•  Rotary Tool Changer
•  Motion Control
•  Spindle
•  Popup Locating Pins
•  Printer
•  Laser Alignment Pointer
•  Warranty

Why Choose ART CNC Routers for ship building

This is a brief overview of the benefits of using an ART CNC Router for manufacturing of aluminium plate and sheet based products including Ship and Boat building.

Aluminium Plasma Machines Brochure

2 page PDF document

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Standard Features
CNC Machine Touch Screen
Touch Screen & Pendant

ART Machines have both touch screen and pendant control. This intuitive system provides a quick and simple means of entering machine instructions, editing parts, moving, resizing and more, all at the machine.

CNC Machine Inkjet Printing Head
Inkjet Printhead

Most ART CNC Machines can be fitted with an optional Tangential Inkjet Printhead. This feature enables part numbers and other information to be printed directly onto the material being cut. Permanent and removable inks are available.

CNC Machine Extraction
Swarf Transfer System

ART Routers are fitted with a swarf transfer system. This feature provides excellent extraction characteristics without any overhead arms or hoses allowing for use of overhead cranes. All swarf is delivered directly to your collection bin.

CNC Machine Software

ART ProfileShop CNC controller software is an amazing user interface that is so simple to use. While being extremely easy to learn, it is highly flexible and offers top end functionality for your ART Router or Plasma. You can easily modify any part of the job by simply selecting parts on the touch-screen. ART ProfileShop is at the absolute cutting edge when it comes to CNC machinery software.

Machining Area
Process Area

ART builds your machine to order so you get exactly what you need. ART machines come in sizes from 2500mm x 1300mm all the way up to 21000mm x 3700mm.

CNC Rotary Tool Changer

ART Rotary Tool Changers can dramatically decrease production time. The 10 tool rotary carousel allows your ART CNC Router to complete highly complex jobs with multiple tools with no user interaction.

CNC Motors
Motion Control

ART uses superior quality motion control components including brushless servo motors and digital closed loop positioning to drive our machines. This ensures high speed performance in the toughest materials without the danger of lost positions.

CNC Colombo Spindle

ART offers a large choice of high quality spindles for your CNC router and robotics application. These range from 12,000RPM to 60,000RPM and 2KW to 12KW in power.

CNC Machine Popup Locating Pins
Popup Locating Pins

Innovative popup locating pins allow for easy material positioning, resulting in decreased loading time to maximize production.

Laser Alignment
Laser Alignment

All ART CNC Machines can be fitted with an optional High Precision Laser Pointer. This feature enables accurate alignment of material as well as fast and precise pendant controlled digitising of hand-made templates.

CNC Machine Warranty

ART provides a fully comprehensive warranty on all machines sold in Australia.

Please contact ART for detailed information on warranty conditions.

Applies to: All Machines sold in Australia.

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