Australian-made and Australian-backed prove their worth in gate, fence and screen manufacturer’s growth

11.4.16  Oxworks  SBarnett  DSC_4700

Oxworks is a leading Australian manufacturer and distributor of steel and aluminium fencing, gates, screens and balustrades. With manufacturing centres in Queensland and Perth and a distribution presence across much of the rest of Australia, this is a business that…


Limited only by your imagination


“I can always call on ART. They are part of the family now.” Steve Lintott, S&S Fibreglass Steve Lintott can point to the purchase of his ART router as the beginning of a period of growth in business that saw…


HD Plasma cutter becomes indispensable member of the team for SA gate manufacturer

With the ART plasma cutter, productivity has increased by 50%, and the product is of higher quality.

Working as one-man band in the specialised and demanding niche of industrial and security gate manufacturing, Simon Neil recognised the desirability of automating the cutting of the square tube and plate steel used in the process. Research into cutting machines…


ART’s latest-generation XR Router series offers superior design, versatility, rigidity and precision

ART uses a large touch-screen controller running advanced graphical software complemented by an optional wireless pendant. The machine’s complex engineered gantry contributes to extreme rigidity.

13 November 2015 –  Australia’s premier manufacturer of CNC routers and plasma cutters, Advanced Robotic Technology (ART), has added a whole range of new features to its XR Router series, designed to suit all applications within the HVAC, signwriting, general…


Automation delivers five-fold increase in productivity

Kmar Engineering owner Peter Learmonth: “We've been doing a fair bit of pipe work since we installed the Metaltek XB machine, cutting all angles, custom shapes, creating weld preps, slots and bevels, [...] that's fairly unique to be able to do that automatically.”

Faced with increased international competition and a steep drop in mining construction, Doyalson-based Kmar Engineering sought to automate its structural steel coping process.  As a result, the company achieved a 500-percent increase in production, better finishes and dimensional tolerances, and…


Australian manufacturer so busy they have to close the doors!


StyroMAX  is a Brisbane based manufacture of composite panels. These are their recent unsolicited comments… After installing a CNC router back in 2013 it has revolutionised the way we do business and allowed us not only to produce a composite panel…