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Manufacturing matters more than ever

By David White, Director Advanced Robotic Technology (ART), Brisbane Manufacturing drives innovation and technological change. It accounts for a quarter of Australia’s private sector R&D expenditure. Manufacturing is the sector that contains and advances the skills and capabilities that prescribe…


CNC Routing 101 – Part V


Well time flies when you’re having fun they say. It’s been just short of manic recently here at ART with some incredible projects coming through during 2013. We’ve recently seen the development of our 10 Axis Robotic CNC Plasma Profiling…


Quantum leap in performance

By integrating an ART RT15600 CNC router and software into the manufacturing process, StyroMAX and Summercool were able to improve cut quality and save both time and money.

Purchasing a CNC router from Advanced Robotic Technology (ART) enabled StyroMAX to improve cut quality and increase productivity. Going the extra mile for customers is something that not all manufacturers take advantage of for one reason or another. But when…


ByRay Australia announces name change to TruCut Solutions

trucut logo

Brisbane, 12 September 2013 – ByRay Australia, a provider of cutting tools, plasma consumables and lubrication systems, announced today the change of its name to TruCut Solutions. The name change is intended to more accurately reflect the company’s business focus,…


The returns on Automation

The ART automatic sheet loader allows automation of the production process straight from the pallet, which means there is no operator intervention when lifting from the material stack to the machine. No intervention means lean manufacturing and higher profits.

One of the most common forms of automation that has found its way into many manufacturing facilities is the CNC router. These machines have revolutionised cutting and drilling processes for materials such as aluminium, timber, plastic and composite panels, thereby…


Why manufacture in Australia and how to survive

Copy (2) of ART Director David White

By David White, Director Advanced Robotic Technology (ART), Brisbane The question of whether manufacturing has a future in Australia has been hotly debated for some time and media keeps publishing more bad news. Ford Australia recently slashed production to about…


ART introduces portable CNC machining solutions

pic metaltek

metaltek by ART Modular multi-function CNC machining system ART brings you the metaltek modular multi-function CNC machining system. This new breed of machine is fully portable and is able to provide an unparalleled range of machining functions in the field…


SA TAFE installs ART SMART Plasma Cutter

SA TAFE has recently invested in an ART SMART Plasma Cutter to train the future generation of sheetmetal specialists and boilermakers and respond to the needs of Australia’s workforce. ART’s local support and service cannot be beaten by cheaper overseas…


Automating fibreglass insulation cutting

More than three decades after Costa Paraskevopoulos founded the company, manager John Petrou is helping to continue the Brisbane-based Apex Insulation success story. The company recently invested in automation equipment to boost the shop’s productivity. Founded in 1983, Apex Insulation…


ART’s new ToolShop 2.0 offers a suite of new features

Advanced Robotic Technology, Brisbane, QLD, Australia’s premier manufacturer of CNC routers and plasma cutters, has released version 2.0 of its popular toolpathing and nesting software ToolShop. ToolShop, ART’s in-house developed and industry leading CAM package, has undergone a major re-engineering…