CNC Plasma Cutters

Advanced Robotic Technology provides high-quality Australian-made CNC Plasma Cutters.

Australian-made and Australian-backed prove their worth in gate, fence and screen manufacturer’s growth

11.4.16  Oxworks  SBarnett  DSC_4700

Oxworks is a leading Australian manufacturer and distributor of steel and aluminium fencing, gates, screens and balustrades. With manufacturing centres in Queensland and Perth and a distribution presence across much of the rest of Australia, this is a business that…


HD Plasma cutter becomes indispensable member of the team for SA gate manufacturer

With the ART plasma cutter, productivity has increased by 50%, and the product is of higher quality.

Working as one-man band in the specialised and demanding niche of industrial and security gate manufacturing, Simon Neil recognised the desirability of automating the cutting of the square tube and plate steel used in the process. Research into cutting machines…


Automating structural steel fabrication

xb1200 cutout 1 - Kopie

ART releases the Metaltek XB1200 10-axis structural steel fabrication cutting system – slashing production times, material handling and manual labour As budgets are getting tighter, customers of structural steel fabrication shops are getting more cost-conscious and it is unlikely they…


CNC plasma cutter pays for itself within months after installation

Progress Air Frank Van Winden and company owner Rod Peters

Progress Air (Hoxton Park, NSW) makes sheetmetal parts for air-conditioning systems, servicing the local HVAC & R industry for more than 16 years. Several years ago, Progress Air began preparations for the future of sheetmetal processing, as the industry became…


Metaltek 5-Axis Robotic Plasma Cutter reduces production time by hundreds of hours

ART’s new range of Metaltek custom-configured engineering machines has hit the ground running Early in 2012, ART’s managing director and head of R&D, David White, met with representatives from a well-known manufacturer of pressure vessels for the oil and gas…


Smarter machining squeezes more productivity from the shopfloor

To increase efficiency and productivity, Sydney-based Formula Offroad decided to invest in an ART CNC plasma cutter and to use a CAD/CAM system to replace its ink-drawn optically traced plasma cutting records to streamline its manufacturing process while saving valuable…


ART introduces portable CNC machining solutions

pic metaltek

metaltek by ART Modular multi-function CNC machining system ART brings you the metaltek modular multi-function CNC machining system. This new breed of machine is fully portable and is able to provide an unparalleled range of machining functions in the field…


SA TAFE installs ART SMART Plasma Cutter

SA TAFE has recently invested in an ART SMART Plasma Cutter to train the future generation of sheetmetal specialists and boilermakers and respond to the needs of Australia’s workforce. ART’s local support and service cannot be beaten by cheaper overseas…



This new section called ARTiFacts was created to provide ART customers and anyone interested in the industry information and useful tips & tricks on how to get more out of your CNC Router or Plasma Cutter! By David White, Director…


Plasma rivals laser cutting

Investing in an ART HDP plasma cutter has allowed Riggs Sheetmetal, Gladstone, QLD, to break from the pack and emerge as a steel fabrication success story. Riggs Sheetmetal in Gladstone, QLD, is a privately owned company and a one-stop-shop offering…