Automation delivers five-fold increase in productivity

Kmar Engineering owner Peter Learmonth: “We've been doing a fair bit of pipe work since we installed the Metaltek XB machine, cutting all angles, custom shapes, creating weld preps, slots and bevels, [...] that's fairly unique to be able to do that automatically.”

Faced with increased international competition and a steep drop in mining construction, Doyalson-based Kmar Engineering sought to automate its structural steel coping process.  As a result, the company achieved a 500-percent increase in production, better finishes and dimensional tolerances, and…


Robotic CNC plasma beam coping machine eliminates drawbacks of manual coping

preferred photo beam cutting

ART has introduced several incremental updates to its state-of-the-art Metaltek XB1200 CNC beam coping machine, making it even more productive and versatile since its inception two years ago.  Traditionally, beam coping has been done manually by marking the dimensions for…


Automating structural steel fabrication

xb1200 cutout 1 - Kopie

ART releases the Metaltek XB1200 10-axis structural steel fabrication cutting system – slashing production times, material handling and manual labour As budgets are getting tighter, customers of structural steel fabrication shops are getting more cost-conscious and it is unlikely they…


Metaltek 5-Axis Robotic Plasma Cutter reduces production time by hundreds of hours

ART’s new range of Metaltek custom-configured engineering machines has hit the ground running Early in 2012, ART’s managing director and head of R&D, David White, met with representatives from a well-known manufacturer of pressure vessels for the oil and gas…


Remote access alleviates downtimes

Mining operators must focus on increasing their profitability – and ART’s remote access to the new Metaltek modular multi-function CNC machining systems can alleviate operational and financial issues. Today’s mining industry does virtually everything on a gigantic scale. There are…


Onsite weld preparation for maximum equipment uptime

Mining in Australia is still booming as a result of soaring demand for commodities from resource-hungry economies such as Indonesia, China and India. Consequently, maximum equipment uptime is essential. For maintenance and repair of equipment which cannot be move to…


ART introduces portable CNC machining solutions

pic metaltek

metaltek by ART Modular multi-function CNC machining system ART brings you the metaltek modular multi-function CNC machining system. This new breed of machine is fully portable and is able to provide an unparalleled range of machining functions in the field…