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Customer Testimonial: Pete Shaw, Pacific Manufacturing (QLD)

Pacific Manufacturing ‘s Pete Shaw in front of his recently installed ART 4700HDP HyDefinition CNC plasma cutter. “The quality, accuracy and consistency of the work have to be seen to be believed. We are doing work now we could never have dreamed of just a year ago.”

Talk about the benefits of sliced bread. Well how about the reality of sliced steel!!!! We recently bought a plasma profile cutter from ART.  And to say it has transformed our manufacturing life is a complete understatement. We manufacture slashers…


Jarrahdale Heating and Cooling

Jarrahdale Heating and Cooling would like to thank ART, which provides all sorts of commercial grade electrical heating elements, for a very professional service in the purchase of the HDP Plasma Cutter, this includes the before and after sale service…