ART is now offering a complete CNC motion controller replacement

ART is proud to offer a new service to companies that have outdated CNC routing machines. A comprehensive package has been designed to allow old machines like the one in the picture to benefit from our state-of-the-art technology. Our technicians will carefully upgrade your existing cnc router according to strict standards.

The base package involves replacing the motion controller board and all relevant wiring inside the control box, as well as a new high end Windows 7 touch screen based controller interface. ART performs and guarantees all work, and will also provide training on the new setup. ART can also provide on-going support for all mechanical and electronic maintenance and servicing.

Following is a list of standard features that are automatically included in the base package:

  • Complete motion controller replacement
  • Latest 19″ Windows7 touch screen controller interface
  • ART ProfileShop controller software – Watch Video
  • Extra smooth motion control
  • Unlimited layers and tool changes in a single job
  • Unlimited files and file sizes
  • Automatic tool length compensation
  • Automatic accessory control
  • Latest ART ToolShop tool path and nesting software
  • Supports rotary and rack mounted tool changers
  • Use standard CNC files from any CAM software
  • Export TPWIN files directly into ART controller
  • Remote access for technical support and servicing
  • Full warranty on all work

Optional features also available:

  • Upgrade to 22″ touch screen controller
  • Laser pointer
  • Digitising on the table for reverse engineering shapes
  • Incredible wireless pendant controller – monitor and control from anywhere in the workshop!
  • Auto speed control interface for high speed spindle drives
  • Replacement spindles and upgrades to auto tool change models.
  • Replacement inverter drives for spindles
  • Upgrade from old stepper motors to high speed servo motors
  • Full safety system upgrade to comply with Australian Standards and OH&S
  • Mechanical upgrades and repairs.

ART can also supply a range of replacement high speed spindles from Columbo and HSD, and also offers one of Australia’s only high speed spindle servicing workshops. Services available include full rebuilds, steel and ceramic bearing replacement, replacement components and specialised high speed balancing.

ART can also take over your servicing and provide first class support!
If you are interested in this new service, please contact us by clicking here using our contact page.

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