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The most versatile professional CAD/CAM-Manufacturing software solution, Scanvec Amiable EnRoute Family gives your business the cutting edge for fast, precise results. EnRoute streamlines the CAD/CAM production cycle with a completely new state-of-the-art Windows based software featuring advanced breakthroughs in toolpath calculation.
Above and beyond the ease of use, accuracy, dependability and uncompromising technical support, EnRoute delivers incredible price performance that positively impacts your bottom line. EnRoute will increase your productivity and reduce material waste, labor cost and tool wear.
The EnRoute Seamless Six Step Process will uncomplicated the machining procedure and allow you to build a relational knowledge base in perspective to material, templates, cutting plans, tool paths, tool path verifications, sorting, nesting, ordering and production.
Just see how simple it really is!

It all starts with Geometry
Whether you are involved with sign making, woodwork, graphic manufacturing, awards engraving, 3D engraving, or machining, EnRoute seamlessly incorporates CAD capabilities into one comprehensive software package. Import or draw the geometry. The EnRoute import functions include popular formats such as DXF, BMP, AI or EPS, and SCV files.
EnRoute includes industry leading vectorizing capabilities from the number 1 CAS solution developed by Scanvec Amiable, which allows you to import a bitmap, and precisely and quickly convert it to machine quality vector art.

Define your Materials
Once defined, in terms of height, width and thickness, it can be saved as a Knowledge Base Template and previewed in 3-D.
Saving templates used in one design, cuts down on the data entry necessary to produce an output file for subsequent designs. These templates can be reused as desired and they assist even inexperienced operators with complicated tasks such as feed/plunge rates, dwell times, spindle speeds and choice of bits.
Libraries of material type and the corresponding feed rates can be saved for future reference. When defined materials are selected, the corresponding feed rates are automatically assigned to the associated tool paths. To further automate the process, tools can be assigned feed-rates for specific materials.

Develop a Toolpath Strategy
By utilizing EnRoute Smart Tool Path Technology, you can create a toolpath strategy that best fits your needs. This refers to the different types of toolpath creation methods. Set parameters for Routing Offset, Hatch Fill, Island Fill, Drills, Slots, Pyramid and Engraving. Set specific aspects of the strategy such as Tools, Cut Parameters, Passes and Widths. Powerful tool path techniques can be easily applied to any text or vector art. Text can have a beveled "pyramid" effect that also includes a rough pass option to clear out extra material and an offset pass to cut out letters when completed. If objects are resized, EnRoute can quickly calculate the new tool path automatically. While many CAM solutions use less accurate calculation methods, EnRoute’s proprietary Smart Tool Path Engine computes tool paths in seconds to get your job ready.
Nest It!
The True Shape Nesting option minimizes material waste and maximizes yield of your materials: thus saving you money as more parts can be produced from less material. With full control over parts spacing and sheet margins, EnRoute offers automatic Parts-in-Parts nesting, including tool paths with Entry/Exit, ensuring maximum material utilization.

The goal of virtually all the work done in EnRoute is creating toolpaths that will then be used to create an output file, or be sent directly to a router, engraver, or milling machine. EnRoute has been engineered to be as simple as pressing a button! At the other end of the spectrum, users are able to define several different parameters that control virtually every aspect of the output process. You can preview how your machine will gradually reach depth and overlap exit. The EnRoute cutting simulation enables you to review all aspects of your job before sending it to the output.
Enroute Logo

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