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Profile Master is a CAD/CAM application for windows that incorporates all the features necessary to efficiently control the production of general 'profiled' parts.

Parts can be created with the integral CAD system, generated from optional pattern templates, or imported from another program.

Modular in design, the program is available in a variety of standard configurations to meet specific requirements, all with an easy upgrade path to more advanced features.

Utilising many standard Windows techniques, the program is intuitive and easy to learn whilst offering the to meet your particular manufacturing needs.

From the comprehensive database of materials & manufacturing details right through to the most accurate automatic nesting system available, Profile Master ensures efficient part scheduling whilst offering expanded Management information to quantify the processes involved.

   • Support for all tooling operations i.e. Laser, Oxy-fuel, Plasma, Water-jet Marking, Drilling, Printing. Interfaces available for a wide range of cutting machines and numeric controllers.
   • Integral 'OPUS4' CAD package for simple, fast definition of parts to be profiled.
   • Standard DXF file import & export for interfacing to other CAD systems.
   • 'Profiler' module for part verification, assigning tooling operations, lead styles, and pierce points.
   • Flexible part storage and retrieval system using Windows 'Folders' easily handles 1000's of parts.
   • Optional pattern/fitting libraries available e.g. square to rounds, cones, segment bends. (10 Shapes standard)
   • Database for definition of material types, plate thickness & dimensions, lead in styles, etc.
   • Automatic 'True shape' nesting module uses advanced algorithms to produce unparalleled results.
   • Interactive nesting module for complete control of part placement.
   • Flexible report generator allows print layouts to be customised. Ability to accurately cost parts/jobs based on materials, area, & weight.

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