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Awards, Testimonials & Customer Feedback

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Advanced Robotic Technology is proud to be the winner of the prestigious Amtil Advanced Manufacturing Innovator of the Year award.

ART's customer Austal Ships took home the Advanced Manufacturer of The Year award.

"Western Australia based Austal took home the leading award, Advanced Manufacturer of The Year award.

Queensland company Advanced Robotic Technology won the Advanced Manufacturing Innovator of the Year award for their new SMART Plasma profiling machines.

The AMTIL Advanced Manufacturing Awards™ Gala Dinner was held on 2nd October and attracted over 350 people at the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Hotel in Melbourne."

Ernst and Young

Advanced Robotic Technology is pleased to announce that David White (Director) has been named as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 for Australia's Northern Region. The award was presented for business excellence in the field of Technology and Emerging Industry.

Capral Aluminium ART CNC Router Feedback
Capral Aluminium Ltd
Installation was completed within two days and the machine was operational on day three. There was no hold-up or inconvenience to our day-to-day operations, with work being carried out during and after normal trading hours.
Backup Service has been exemplary, as ART have delivered on their promise of answering and assisting our queries as they have arose. Peter Nolan has made both himself and his staff available, knowing that Capral Aluminium had previous minimum exposure to this technology.
Overall, the pre and post sale service has been commendable and Capral Aluminium looks forward to further growing into this rapidly expanding form of Value Adding and would not hesitate further utilising the services of ART. The machine has exceeded our initial expectation of ART’s apparent pursuit of seeking world-class technologies proves their commitment to both their future and the future of companies such as ours.
Yours sincerely, Capral Aluminium Ltd
Mark Waddingham Product Manager
Grand Banks Yachts ART CNC Router Feedback
Grand Banks Yachts PTD LTD
I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with our new ART router. The installation by your technicians went smoothly and quickly, and although we had some initial problems caused by a failure of our workshop refrigerated dryer causing contamination of our compressed air supply, ART resolved the problem with commendable speed.
We have been using the router for about six months now and it has lived up to our every expectation. The touch screen and ProfileShop software is a breeze to use and I was surprised at how quickly our operators became fluent in, and how often they use the simple CAD functions with the touch screen. We decided to retain our old router, which is another brand, and use it for specific low volume jobs, but I notice that our operators prefer to use the ART Router whenever they can and the old machine is being used less and less. We have just finished assembling the structure for the hull of a new production 45ft yacht. The closely spaced frames and supporting structure was quickly and accurately cut by CNC and assembled in just a few days. We anticipate that with this method we will shave months off the time it normally takes to get a new model into production.
Another area we are pleased with is the full 3D capabilities of the machine. We have already milled a number of patterns out of stacked and glued MDF boards. These patterns have the smooth flowing organic shapes typical in boat building. Our operators had near no difficulty in learning either the software of the set-up and machining. Next week we will begin a large 3D milling project consisting of 13 parts which have to fit accurately onto a curved surface. Again, we anticipate that machining these will save hundreds of man-hours.
In summary I don’t have any hesitation in recommending an ART machine for reliability, accuracy and factory support.
Sincerely, Michael Tunstill. Snr R&D Executive, Grand Banks Yachts.
Smith and Smith Cabinets ART CNC Router Feedback
Smith & Smith Cabinet Makers
We compared a lot of other machines. The process took us nearly two years all up and we really wanted to find out which was the best machine, and we feel that we put a lot of research into it. Some of the key features that made us choose an ART machine was the 10 tool rotary tool-changer that was on the gantry. The automatic tool length sensor measurement, other machines had items that weren’t so automatic and made it a little more difficult to test. Also the ease of use of the touch screen based interface was to us very easy to use and ideal for a factory environment. – No mouse or trackball or even a keyboard required. Very easy to keep clean – it didn't matter if it got dust on it, you just wipe it off. Other reasons for buying an ART machine was the size and the fact that it was Australian made. We really wanted something that we could get parts for very quickly if ever something happened.
The staff really appreciated how quickly it can cut a single job or half a dozen components, all drilled, shaped and ready to be edged. It honestly only takes us 5 minutes from the office to the factory floor and then the time it takes to cut the sheet.
The biggest time saver we can see is that we are able to nest a whole set of doors and machine them without anyone actually being there to supervise which increases production. We’ve been very happy with our machine, I’d definitely recommend an ART machine to anyone looking to purchase a CNC router.
Aaron Smith. Smith & Smith Cabinet Makers
Jarrahdale ART CNC Plasma Profile Cutter Feedback
Jarrahdale Heating and Cooling
Jarrahdale Heating and Cooling would like to thank ART for a very professional service in the purchase of the HDP Plasma Cutter, this includes the before and after sale service and installation. Since having the machine we have found it to do everything ART recommended it was capable of doing, saving us considerable manufacturing time. We cut material from 0.55mm mild steel and stainless steel to 20mm thick mild steel. We have found the CNC plasma machine to be user friendly with setup and programming. Since the installation of the plasma in September 05, we have picked up a lot of extra work. Once again we would like to thank ART for professional and friendly service.
Yours sincerely,Leon Clare
Factory Manager
Technobake Mngr Paul with Smart 4800 CNC Plasma
Technobake R&D Queensland
I have much pleasure writing to you and congratulating you on a wonderful CNC machine.
ART installed the Smart 4000 CNC Plasma machine 8 months ago, and it has transformed my business. What would previously take a week to do on outsourced laser, now takes minutes, and design improvements are just a quick change to the program and re-cutting another piece. The Controller program you have written for the machines operation is common sense, simple, and incredibly fast, we love it.
My most often used comment when asked what I think of our ART machine is to say, that I would not be in business today if I had not bought this machine.
Thank you and regards Paul Willett- M.D, Technobake R&D Pty Ltd.
Lowbake Customer Feedback Smart 4800 CNC Plasma Profile Cutter
Lowbake AustraliaView PDF
I own a company in Melbourne where we make spray booths and ovens. We bought the SMART Plasma machine six months ago out of a trade show in Sydney. It was easy to follow the instructions and it took approximately one day to set-up the machine and get it level. What we mainly use the SMART plasma for is to cut parts up to 6mm thick from mild steel. Software support has been fairly simple. We did two days on-site training with ART staff. Basically, it’s a simple machine to use, fast to program, and economical to run which is important.
Mark William, Lowbake Australia.

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