Oxworks XRP Plasma/Drill.

Australian-made and Australian-backed prove their worth in gate, fence and screen manufacturer’s growth

Oxworks is a leading Australian manufacturer and distributor of steel and aluminium fencing, gates, screens and balustrades. With manufacturing centres in Queensland and Perth and a distribution presence across much of the rest of Australia, this is a business that depends of having process machinery that is reliable, robust and backed with support it can count on. ART has been an integral part of Oxworks’ success.

Crestmead, Queensland-based Oxworks had its beginnings in 2001 manufacturing aluminium fencing. In the years since it has expanded both its product range and geographical reach. Led by CEO Glenn Hosking, the company employs more than 180 staff, with some 60 working full-time on the shop floor.


This is a business that is strong in standardised product lines and it was natural that Oxworks would look to install cnc machinery when it came to thinking about turnaround and delivery gains. And also in order to enlarge the scope of the operation – to be able to prototype more quickly and pursue more custom work.

Glenn Hosking’s view from the start was that any machines should be Australian-made and have good local support. He’d had experience of imported machinery and was convinced that locally-made and locally-backed were essential attributes that outweighed other considerations including price. Four years ago Oxworks installed an ART XR router, and in the last year has added an ART XR plasma cutter.

Glenn says that both purchases have more than proved themselves: “We are strong in standardised products plus we were looking to increase our flexibility in order to be better positioned to take on more custom work. Both the router and cutter have helped us hugely in these respects, opening up the range of work available to us and releasing time for our managers for planning, management of existing lines, and pursuing new possibilities.”

An increasing component of Oxworks’ business is now working with architects and construction companies on specialised screens and other architectural elements in new buildings.

ART has been a positive experience for Oxworks with productivity gains that have proved the value of such machinery when it comes to delivering quality and keeping ahead of the competition.

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The ideal machine for gate, fence and screen manufacturers

Traditionally plasma cutting tables have been divided into lower cost plasma only tables, or high cost cutting & drilling machines. The XRP Plasma/Drill machine was designed to fill a gap in the available machines. Now you can perform high definition cutting, drilling and tapping in light to medium duty materials.