Combination Pressure Foot.

For hold-down force, vibration dampening, lubrication and swarf extraction

This foot is the key to fast production cutting in aluminium, composites or other materials that are prone to vibration during cutting.

Combination Pressure Foot is essential for production cutting environments

The Combination Pressure Foot is a complex piece of engineering that provides the essential ingredients for high speed cutting in hard materials.

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Automated via controller, user selectable from permanently down or lift between cuts
Down-force pressure
Adjustable between floating and up to 100kg down pressure
Optional Lubrication Pump
Supports 4 pump Unist MQL lubrication pump - auto on-off via controller when in material
Optional Tool Lubrication Jets
4 lubrication jets at 90 degrees provide optimal 360 degree misting lubrication
Optional Air Blower Jets
4 automated air blower jets steered via controller to blow compacted dust from behind cutter
16 polyurethane roller wheels on castors, Resist abrasion & coolant. Rides over fasteners
Swarf Extraction
Provides 20000mm2 area ducting for optimal air speed and volume
Ejection Protection
5mm steel plate construction helps protect operator against ejection of material or broken tooling
Floating strip brush maintains contact with surface to minimise escape of dust
Can run on material or can be adjusted to float above material for delicate surfaces

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Unist Misting Lubricator

Dual and quad lubrication jets extend tool life dramatically and improve the cut quality in materials such as aluminium and steel. Computer controlled. Pulsing piston pump provides accurate dosing for optimal cutting.

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