Heavy-duty Drilling/Tapping/Milling Head.

With Automatic Tool Changer

The ideal accessory on high-definition plasma cutting machines

The heavy-duty drilling tapping head is able to perform multiple processes on a plasma machine. A 12 position automatic tool changer works in conjunction with the spindle to change between drills, taps and milling cutters.
This high torque spindle can not only drill holes that are perfectly cylindrical, but it can perform rigid tapping and precision milling in steel and other machinable alloys.
This allows blind holes, partial depth machining, engraving, even 3D contoured surfaces to be machined in metals.
Ideal for parts that need more than simple cutting, or require high quality precision dimensions.

  • Normal plasma cutting, drilling, and tapping processes can be done with plate steel loaded on the slat deck in the normal manner.
  • A clamping foot is used to hold the material firmly in place to avoid vibration.
  • The clamping foot also measures the exact height of the material so the tools just barely penetrate the material without interfering with the slatted deck.
  • A special section of the deck can be reserved for milling type applications which are not possible on the slatted deck surface

The Heavy-Duty Drilling/Tapping/Milling Head is available on these machines

HDP High-Definition Plasma Cutting Table

HDB High-Definition Bevel Plasma Table

A smaller Drilling/Tapping/Milling head is available on these machines…

XRP Plasma/Drilling/Tapping Machine