Heavy Duty Fabrication.

For extremely stable operation

ART's precision fabrication team pride themselves in their accuracy and finish quality. All joints are fully welded and ground. The chassis then undergoes powder coating and cnc machining to ensure a first rate machine structure

All steel components cut by robot

All steel components are cut by our in-house Metaltek XB1200 robotic structural steel processing system. The XB1200 is designed and built by ART and is our flagship product for the structural steel processing industry. This technology gives ART a distinct advantage in being able to efficiently produce accurate and consistent machine structures.

Robotic steel cutting

Joints are fully welded, not stitched

All joints are 100% welded for stability. The precision fabrication team at ART regularly create large structures with tolerances maintained within 1mm.

100% weld coverage

Welds are ground for a uniform surface

Welding and grinding to achieve a solid precision surface is the only way to achieve the stability required for precision cnc machines. ART does not use any resin fillers to cover welds.  We have witnessed some machine builders using tack welds to join structures and then cover joints with automotive body filler to give a solid appearance.

All surfaces ground flat – no fillers used

Powder Coated components

Premium quality powder coating provides a beautiful and corrosion resistant surface on all major machine components. The heating and cooling process involved in powder coating also helps to relive internal stresses in the steel that may be created during the welding process.

High temperature powder coating for durability

Critical surfaces are machined by CNC

To provide excellent parallelism between linear guide rails it is essential to machine all guide mounting surfaces. ART uses purpose built cnc machines to re-surface all mounting surfaces to the required tolerances.

All critical surfaces machined

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