Misting Coolant Lubricator.


In contrast to using flood coolant, an MQL applicator, such as the Unist Coolubricator™, dispenses environmentally-friendly lubricant in such minute amounts that it is often consumed in the process. This leaves little or no excess fluid to clean up or dispose of, and the chips produced are dry enough to be recycled without additional processing.

Precise Fluid Application

Precise fluid application is the key to maximising the benefits of Minimum Quantity Lubrication. Applying too much lubricant is a waste and can adversely affect chip formation, whereas inadequate lubricant reduces tool life. Precise fluid application requires accurate pumps for consistent lubricant delivery and appropriate nozzles to create and direct the spray. The adjustable  positive displacement pumps used in the Coolubricator™ have a proven track record of consistency and reliability. Their unique modular design allows multiple pumps to be “stacked” together when more than one nozzle is required, allowing every system to be tailored specifically for the application. Each pump module includes a stroke adjustment for the pump output and a precise metering screw for the nozzle air flow. The combination of these adjustments provides complete control of the spray output.


A Coolubricator™ is superior to flood coolant or totally dry machining for CNC routers. A Coolubricator™ system will increase tool life and not create a mess like flood coolant.
Two coaxial nozzles positioned 180˚ apart and directed toward both sides of the cutter are recommended for optimal results.


The Coolubricator™ is well suited for milling applications. Benefits typically include both increased tool life and improved surface finishes.
Two coaxial nozzles positioned directed toward both sides of the cutting tool are the minimum recommended for rotary cutters such as milling or router bits


The Coolubricator™ is an excellent solution for tapping applications and will reduce tap wear and improve thread quality. Great for use with both cutting and forming taps.
A single coaxial nozzle directed at the interface between the cutting edge of the tap and the work piece at a downward angle is the minimum requirement. Pecking may be necessary for reapplication of lubricant on deep tapped holes.


The Coolubricator™ is an excellent solution for drilling applications and will reduce drill wear and improve hole quality.
A single coaxial nozzle directed at the interface between the cutting edge of the drill and the work piece at a downward angle is the minimum requirement. Pecking may be necessary on deep holes for reapplication of lubricant.

More Information


Separate Fluid & Air
Keeping the fluid and air separate until the point of application is the key
Air filter
Standard on every system with enclosure
Positive-displacement metering pumps
Precise and reliable with full stroke outputs of 0.033 mL, 0.100 mL, or 0.045 mL
Pneumatic pulse generator
Controls pump cycle rate
Air metering screws
Controls nozzle air flow
Pump stroke adjustment knob
Controls volume of fluid delivered per stroke
473 mL fluid reservoir
Additional sizes and styles available
Rugged steel enclosure
Removable cover for easy adjustment or maintenance (optional keyed lock)
Drain plug
Use to empty fluid from pump stack, reservoir, and to bleed trapped air
Continuous Fluid Output
Made possible with the Coolubricator’s™ built-in variable rate pneumatic pulse generator
Coolube® is a 100% natural biodegradable lubricant derived from renewable vegetable products that is friendly to the environment and machinists
Multiple Outputs
Outputs can be configured to operate independently or in multiples. Various sized enclosures are available depending on the number of pumps.

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