Vacuum Matrix Deck.

Firmly holds sheet material in place

Vacuum matrix decks are ideal for large flat sheet processing. It is most effective with non-porous materials such as plastic sheets and coated mdf & wood panels.

Automatic Vacuum Zones

ART Vacuum Matrix Tables can automatically configure themselves to suit the job being processed. The cnc controller calculates the area covered by the material and switches on the vacuum in that area to ensure the job is secure. The operator can also manually configure the zones through the friendly touchscreen interface. This requires optional automatic vacuum valves.

Manual Vacuum Zones

For a more economical solution, the vacuum matrix table can be configured with bungs that can be placed in vacuum ports that are not required.

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps are selected according to requirements.
ART can provide economical side channel blowers for high airflow solutions where there may be porous materials or air leakage around the spoil-board or jig.
Rotary claw pumps can also be selected for jobs requiring superior holding power on non-porous materials.

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