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Our highly skilled service team are dedicated to keeping your CNC Router, Plasma or Fibre Laser running at peak efficiency

Like all precision machines, it is vitally important to keep your ART cnc machine maintained and repaired using genuine parts and factory trained technicians.

The ability to provide ongoing technical support, parts, and skilled technicians means you can build your business using ART machines, safe in the knowledge that when you need support it is readily available.

Many ART cnc machines are still going strong after 20 years or more. We do our utmost to keep replacement parts in stock in our factory for all legacy machines. If  original components should become obsolete we look for alternatives or develop upgrade paths to keep these workhorses going strong.

Don’t get stung!

Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into

Buying a machine direct from overseas or buying from a fly-by-night “agent” can save you some money up front, but can leave you with a very expensive paperweight.
Invest in your future by dealing with the experts in cnc cutting technology. ART has been developing and manufacturing world class CNC cutting machines right here in Australia for more than 25 years.
Our team of highly skilled technicians are dedicated to keeping your business on track with full turnkey solutions.


Can you afford not to buy from the best?
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Online Service Portal

Each ART customer gets their own login to the ART customer Service Portal.

On the home page of this website there is a Customer Login link to this portal. It automatically lists all ART machines owned by the customer and it will create an online service or repair request which is lodged directly into our service management software.

Once a ticket is created within our internal system, it can be checked for status on the portal. A qualified technician will analyse the request and respond quickly.

Our highly skilled service team are dedicated to keeping your fibre laser running at peak efficiency

All ART cnc machines built in the last 20 years can be accessed and diagnosed remotely by our service team over the internet. If it’s something that can be adjusted in software then it can often be attended to immediately. Some issues can be attributed to operator error, and this can be solved by the technician walking the operator through the correct procedure by taking control of the touch screen controller remotely.

In the event of a mechanical or  electrical breakdown, many issues can also be identified remotely through our extensive diagnostics procedures, which means a technician can be dispatched with the most likely parts in his kit ready to fit.

Click here to go to the Customer Service Portal