XP Plasma is the affordable option for all general purpose plasma profile cutting applications.

The XP Plasma uses the Hypertherm Powermax range of air-plasma systems to perform fast and efficient cutting in steel and aluminium.

See specifications for capacity and work area.

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ProfileShop V3 Controller

ProfileShop graphical controller interface makes operation very fast to learn, while enabling a vast array of powerful features that make it one of the most efficient machines to use.

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Air Booster & Regulator

Low or variable air pressure affects cut quality and shortens consumable life. ART's Booster & Regulator System provides consistent air pressure over and above the shop air supply.

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Camfil Fume Extraction & Filtration Unit

Fume Extraction is essential for workplace health and safety, as well as the comfort of staff. The reverse pulse cleaning system ensures maximum performance.

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Refrigerated Air Dryer

Any moisture in the air supply will erode the plasma consumables very quickly. It is a requirement of the plasma system manufacturers to supply clean dry air.

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Alignment Laser pointer

The precise laser dot makes setting up the job simple. It allows the operator to set the origin of the job and align to rotated material.

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Bar code scanner

Just scan the bar code on the nest report and the correct file is loaded into the controller automatically. Reduces human error and automates the process.

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Built-in WiFi networking

The controller easily connects into your existing WiFi network for downloading job files. Also supports remote access and diagnostics for the ART service team.

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Wireless pendant controller

Allows the operator to get close to the action for optimal view during manual operations, or even stop the machine remotely from anywhere in the factory. Works in conjunction with touchscreen.

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Work Area
X axis 4000mm, Y axis 1500mm, Z axis 150mm
Positioning system
Brushless AC Servomotors on all axes
Linear transmission
X&Y Helical Rack & Pinion, Z Ballscrew
Low backlash helical planetary reducers - Japanese made
Human Machine Interface (HMI)
ART ProfileShop v3 touchscreen graphical interface
Motion control
Ethernet controller with soft PLC's
Fume control
Dry fume extraction via ducting to external filtration unit
Cutting deck
50mm x 3mm slats with weave at 50mm spacing
Manual scraper on pull chain to clear catchment trough
Linear guides
Square linear rail on main X axis, Round rail on other axes.
Recovery after stop
Automatic recovery from e/stop, torch collision or user interrupt. Just press cut again.