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Talk about the benefits of sliced bread. Well how about the reality of sliced steel!!!!
We recently bought a plasma profile cutter from ART, and to say it has transformed our manufacturing life is a complete understatement.
The reality is that we believe we have the best value for money of all the options available to us. And it has been without doubt the best outlay we have ever made.
Dealing with ART is an absolute hassle free pleasure. From the initial dealings to ensure we chose the best machine and options to suit our needs, to the incredibly reliable backup they gave us, and continue to do so, if necessary, to help get us up to speed. And the quality, accuracy and consistency of the work have to be seen to be believed. We are doing work now we could never have dreamed of just a year ago. Getting the job done is now just so easy for everyone.

by Pete Shaw – Pacific Manufacturing

“I own a company in Melbourne where we make spray booths and ovens. We bought the SMART Plasma machine six months ago out of a trade show in Sydney. It was easy to follow the instructions and it took approximately one day to set-up the machine and get it level. What we mainly use the ART plasma for is to cut parts up to 6mm thick from mild steel. Software support has been fairly simple. We did two days on-site training with ART staff. Basically, it’s a simple machine to use, fast to program and economical to run which is very important to us”

by Mark Williams – Lowbake Australia

“I have much pleasure writing to you and congratulating you on a wonderful CNC machine. ART installed the CNC Plasma machine 8 months ago, and it has transformed my business. What would previously take a week to do on an outsourced laser now takes minutes. Design improvements involve just a simple  program change with re-cutting being quick and easy. The Controller program you have written for the machine’s operation is logical, simple and incredibly fast….. we love it!
My often used reply when asked what I think of our ART machine is to say  “that I would not be in business today if I had not bought this machine”.

by Paul Willet – Technobake

“Jarrahdale Heating and Cooling would like to thank ART for a very professional service in the purchase of the HDP Plasma Cutter, this includes the before and after sale service and installation. Since having the machine we have found it to do everything ART recommended it was capable of doing, saving us considerable manufacturing time. “

“We cut material from 0.55mm mild steel and stainless steel to 20mm thick mild steel. We have found the CNC plasma machine to be user friendly with setup and programming. Since the installation of the plasma in September 05, we have picked up a lot of extra work. Once again we would like to thank ART for professional and friendly service.”

by Leon Clare – Jarrahdale

“Everyone was already impressed with the machine itself, but when we started using it, we were really amazed with the ease of use. It took a few days to train an operator and within three weeks operators are up to full speed running the machine and the software,  and there are more productivity gains. The new machine is cutting at four times the speed as the old one (another brand), that’s why we are thinking about getting another one.”

by Bruce Hobbs – Volgren Australia

“The router basically cuts out any sort of profile that can be drawn using CAD. It can do rebating, bevelling, grooving, threading, almost anything required by flat shaped plastic products.”

“It improves our fabrication ability a lot because we now cut out materials by the CNC machine instead of traditional methods. “

“It saves us a lot of time and saves the boys from doing everything manually themselves.”

by Jonathan Pace – Consolidated Plastics

“We manufacture signs, from digital print right through to 3D routed signage. Using the ART machine we use foamed PVC’s, Acrylics, MDF, Durasign, Weathertex,  Alucabond, Alpolic, Diebond, Aluminium and Brass.  We also use hardwood for decorative signage. With the ART Router, the main thing that got us over the line was the backup service, the technical knowledge that the guys had and we also wanted a product that had a touch screen so you could see the job that is actually on the table and what it is going to do. The biggest thing with us is trying to make things happen faster and more reliably and getting a better product at the end of the day.  It’s a good, good machine.”

by Wes Chandler – Form-a-Sign

“Our primary role was to supply the aluminium boat building industry in the form of fully-cut CNC aluminium kits. [We] used to outsource all the aluminium cutting, however, delivery quality and finish were an issue. Since using the CNC routers the quality improvement has been incredible.  Most importantly, cutting in-house also meant delivery and quality were now under our own control.”

“For us it is very important to support the Australian industry, hence we always look for high-quality locally-built machines, and ART fits these criteria perfectly.  The accuracy, repeatability and ease of use of the ART machines is great and makes a huge difference to our business”

by Grant Kemp – Aluminium Dynamics

“Austal is probably the biggest user of aluminium in the southern hemisphere, so it made sense cooperating with a company like ART, specialising in profile cutting technology tailored to our needs. The (ART) routers are more productive, especially due to reduced maintenance, afterwork and swarf collection… so our staff is now used much more efficiently. Thanks to this new technology we will continue to lead the market with Austal built vessels.”

by Alan Pedley – Austal Ships

“This machine has completely revitalised our business, giving our 2-man company the ability to supply precision cut parts on a much more competitive level. Previously weused conventional manual cutting and drilling methods to prepare components for fabrication.”

by Peter Learmonth – KMAR

“We wanted greater control over our lead times for our clients to gain and retain their confidence in local manufacturing. Having an Australian manufactured and designed machine with access to the experienced design & support teams to give feedback and get help and advice that is second to none; it’s hard to put a price on how much time that can save. We have greater confidence in our delivery dates than we’ve ever had due to the reduced downstream work and the fact we no longer rely on upstream suppliers to perform processing works where we had no control over scheduling.”

by Kirk Matthews – Skrobar Engineering

“Previously we had 10 people just cutting and grinding using bandsaws and manual tools. We were able to move 8 tradesmen away from manual cutting operations into more value adding positions.”

by Derek Bayliss – Outdoor Fabrication

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