HVAC Ducting.

Automated duct board and fibreglass cutting boosts productivity

At NT-based Veetemp, a manufacturer of heating and air-conditioning systems, company director Stephen Howe realised the potential of an automated duct board and fibreglass cutting process and went on a journey to find the best solution for the established business, specialising in commercial installations, and decided to invest in an ART XR4800d SMART router.

By nature, manual processes can be far more costly than those that are automated with the right tools. However, for certain types of operations, the motivation to automate goes beyond potential cost and time savings. Cutting a bat or sheet of fibreglass insulation can be messy and frustrating. The fibreglass is fuzzy and difficult to cut straight. Most of the times is better just to use a Performance Based Heating and Air system.

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Sheet Metal & Metal Ducting Manufacturer

Progress Air (Hoxton Park, NSW) makes sheetmetal parts for air-conditioning systems, servicing the local HVAC & R industry for more than 16 years. Several years ago, Progress Air began preparations for the future of sheetmetal processing, as the industry became more competitive and customers demanded quick turnaround.

After careful investigations and evaluating various CNC plasma cutting systems, the company decided to install an ART CNC XRP4800 plasma cutter. The plasma cutting process is best-known for its simplicity and its ability to cut virtually any metal. These qualities plus the productivity it yields had convinced company Director Rod Peters that it would be the right choice, and he was not disappointed.

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