ART ProfileShop 3.

Advanced Touchscreen CNC Controller Software

ProfileShop controller software has driven ART cnc machines since the year 2000. Version 3 is a mature product that can operate routers, drills, lasers, oxy fuel torches, steered knives, tangential saws, aggregates, rotary axes and more.

CNC Machine Controller Software that Does More

ART ProfileShop 3 is one single software package that can control all manner of cnc machines. It is a windows based touch screen enabled graphical interface that does so much more than your average machine controller. It works in conjunction with a range of dedicated motion controllers boards that can handle up to 8 axes. It also supports all manner of automatic tool changers including Rack, Rotary, Pop-up and Fixed tool changers.

ProfileShop incorporates a machine vision module that can identify and modify cut paths to suit stretched print and cut jobs for signwriters, screen printers etc.

ProfileShop is tool aware. This means that it contains all parameters to operate all tools that it supports. It can run the simplest of NC code and take over all operations automatically.Of course, ToolShop can obey normal M and G codes if your post processor supports all of the advanced functionality available in ProfileShop 3

Some available tooling includes: –

  • Tapping only requires the Tool Number and a vertical line in the NC code. All RPM, Feed-rate, Lube, Pecking, Retraction etc. are calculated automatically by Profileshop
  • Drilling only requires the Tool Number and a vertical line in the NC code. All RPM, Feed-rate, Lube, Pecking, Retraction are calculated automatically by Profileshop
  • Routing only requires the Tool Number and the path in the NC code. All RPM, Feed-rate, Lube, etc. are calculated by Profileshop
  • Knife cutting only requires the Tool Number and the cut path. All tangential C axis commands, bevel knife insertion and retraction, lifting at corners, feed-rate etc. are calculated automatically by ProfileShop
  • Tangential Saw Cutting only requires the Tool Number and the cut path. All feed-rates, RPM, C axis commands and insertion angles (for angled saw) and lifting at corners are calculated by ProfileShop
  • Aggregate tooling is supported as 4 or 5 axis for side drilling, angled milling, 5 axis machining. Supports simultaneous X,Y,Z,A,C axis co-ordinates in nc code
  • Rotary B Axis is supported for cylindrical machining in a chuck style application. Supports simultaneous X,Y,Z,B axis co-ordinates in nc code. Can be used in conjunction with 5 axis head.
  • Plasma Cutting only requires the Tool Number, Material Type and Thickness and the cut path. All feed-rates, gas types, pierce height, cut height, arc voltage etc. are calculated automatically by ProfileShop
  • Laser Cutting only requires the Tool Number, Material Type and Thickness and the cut path. All gas pressures, feed-rates, pierce height, cut height, auto focus, wattage, PWM and more are calculated automatically by ProfileShop
  • Water-jet Cutting only requires the Tool Number, Material Type and Thickness, and the cut path. All feed-rates, pump pressures, cut height etc. are automatically calculated by ProfileShop
  • Tangential Inkjet Print-head only requires the Tool Number and the Text to print. Also supports multiple line style printing for cut lines, fold lines, arrows, assembly instructions etc. Generates printing along curves or any angled path. Controls print-head rotation automatically. Different width characters also supported. Support for Rea-jet, Matthews and Domino printers
  • Laser Digitising is provided for tracing existing patterns or parts. The operator can manually jog the laser over points or arcs and generate an extremely accurate representation of the shapes. Arcs only require end points and a single point along the curve. Continuous curves can easily be plotted.
  • Digitising Probe is supported. Simply specify the X,Y,Z Minimum and Maximum coordinates, and the resolution. the machine will automatically and efficiently probe the surface to generate a cloud point file for importing into your modelling software.

Some amazing features: –

  • Start/Stop is automatic. The tool will automatically retract after a stop is activated. Pressing Start simply picks up where it left off.  Angled bevel knives will retract at the angle of the knife. Taps will unwind automatically when lifting. Aggregate T slot type tools will even retract along the path before lifting.
  • Emergency stops are handled with ease. The machine will stop immediately when an E/stop is activated. After resetting the E/stop the machine will then retract to a safe height. Pressing cut again resumes exactly where it left off. Retraction rules for all tools are obeyed.
  • Recovering a job half way through is simple. Start at any shape, start at any point along a path, locate the nearest point to the tool and start there. A marker shows on the screen exactly where it will recover when start is pressed.
  • All accessories can be controlled through M-codes, but are generally handled automatically. ProfileShop knows the accessory defaults for each tools/material combination and will control vacuum pumps, lubrication nozzles, dust & fume extractors, vacuum hold down sectors as required be each tool.
  • Automatic Sheet Loading is supported. ProfileShop controls vacuum cups, pop-up locating pins, conveyors etc. as required
  • Vacuum Valves are automated by ProfileShop. It calculated where material is located on the deck of a cnc router and turns the various zones on or off as required. Manual override is provided.
  • Dross/Swarf conveyors are automatically turned on when cutting and off after a period of inactivity.
  • Automatic File Loading is supported to efficiently work through a batch of nests. Just load the files into a batch folder, tick the Auto Load Next File button and it will cycle through each job automatically.
  • Automatic Work-cell Cycling enables the operator to set up automatic cycling between 2 or more work cells. Once a job finishes naturally (without interruption) the machine will cycle to the next fixture location.
  • Multiple NC Import Settings means that different file types can have different import settings. some can be absolute, incremental, inch, metric etc. Some can support all file parameters such as feed-rate, RPM etc. while others use the automatically calculated parameters. All parameters not supplied automatically fall back to the defaults for that tool/material combination.
  • Wireless Pendant Support enables the operator to get close to the action for setting up jobs, or to monitor machine progress from further away. Safety function locks out Touchscreen operation when pendant in operation

ART ProfileShop 3 can automatically control all of the following options...

More Information


Clamping Foot

Pressure foot holds material firmly during drilling and tapping to eliminate shift or vibration.

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Combination Pressure Foot

This foot is ideal for high speed routing in aluminium, composites or other materials that can vibrate.

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Rotating Inkjet Printhead

Part numbers, fold lines, welding or assembly instructions and more can be printed directly onto any material. Print head rotates to print in any direction.

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Hypertherm XPR Plasma Systems

Next generation high definition plasma cutting system takes plasma cutting to the next level.

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Height Sensing Probe

Initial Height Sensing (IHS) is critical for any production-quality plasma system.

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Use the laser pointer to plot lines and arcs precisely from templates with easy-to-use drawing tools.

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Dross conveyors

Conveyors remove fallen parts and dross from under the cutting area. Eliminates clean-out.

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Alignment Laser pointer

The precise laser dot makes setting up the job simple. It allows the operator to set the origin of the job and align to rotated material.

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ART iCam Vision System

Integrated into the ART controller. No extra third party computer system required. Camera automatically locates registration points and the aligns cut paths to suit distorted prints. Also traces patterns or existing parts.

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Chuck-style rotary 4th axis

Allows for simultaneous 4 axis machining of cylindrical objects. 2 sizes available for small or large applications.

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Scissor Lift

Works in conjunction with the automatic sheet loader. Load up a whole pallet load of material on the scissor lift to reduce manual handling.

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Pen & Marker tools

Pen and marker tools are available for automatic part numbering. Particularly useful for identifying items within large nests of similar parts.

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Aggregate tooling

Available in many configurations including reciprocating saws, chisels, floating engravers, side boring drills and saws. Automatic loading.

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Rigid thread tapping

Allows the use of thread taps. Machine first drills holes then automatically changes to tapping tool to cut thread.

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Steered straight and angled knives

Allows processing of sheet or foamed materials. Various angles available. Special controller algorithms allow blades to enter material at correct angle. Bi-directional tool paths allow V shaped cuts

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Cutting and creasing wheels

Allows processing of thin materials such as cardboard or fibreglass matting. Many different configurations are available including wheels and blades. Automatic loading. Requires C axis.

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Digitising probe

Set a boundary and resolution on the controller and the machine will quickly map the surface contour of any object placed on the table. 3D Cloud point files can then easily be imported into 3D CAD software.

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Pop-up locating pins

Computer controlled locating pins can be used for both manual and automatic sheet loading. The sheet is pushed against the pins which then pop down automatically when cutting begins.

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Sheet unloader/pusher bar

Push completed nests or sheets of material off the bed onto an unloading table. Improves productivity. Often used in conjunction with the automatic sheet loader.

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Automatic sheet loader

Using vacuum lifting cups, the computer controlled sheet loader pulls material onto the cutting deck, then automatically pushes it down and across against the locating pop-up pins.

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Bar code scanner

Just scan the bar code on the nest report and the correct file is loaded into the controller automatically. Reduces human error and automates the process.

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Unist Misting Lubricator

Dual and quad lubrication jets extend tool life dramatically and improve the cut quality in materials such as aluminium and steel. Computer controlled. Pulsing piston pump provides accurate dosing for optimal cutting.

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Vacuum matrix hold down system

Allows flat smooth products to be held down without the need for mechanical clamping. The deck can be ordered as manual, or automatic control of up to 8 zones. T-slot deck also available.

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Wireless pendant controller

Allows the operator to get close to the action for optimal view during manual operations, or even stop the machine remotely from anywhere in the factory. Works in conjunction with touchscreen.

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Built-in WiFi networking

The controller easily connects into your existing WiFi network for downloading job files. Also supports remote access and diagnostics for the ART service team.

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Combination extraction foot

Computer controlled foot provides superior extraction, houses lube injectors and allows for air-assisted floating head operations. Steel construction provides a critical safety barrier around the tooling.

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Gantry Mounted Auto Tool Changer

o Gantry mounted rack changer allows faster and continuous processing without the need for manual interaction during tool changing.

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High power vacuum pumps

Works hand in hand with a vacuum matrix deck to keep your work securely in place. Several options are available including rotary lobe pumps and side channel blowers to suit application.

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C Axis

Fast powerful C axis The C axis accessory enables the use of steered tooling such as knives, saws and aggregate tooling. Enables the use of steered tools such as knives and saws, as well as aggregates for drilling or machining on side faces. A C Axis may also be used for rigid tapping if required.

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Automatic vacuum sector valves

Computer controlled valves are available to control the zones on the vacuum table. The controller automatically detects which vacuum zones the job is over and turns the vacuum on or off in that area.

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Camfil Fume Extraction & Filtration Unit

Fume Extraction is essential for workplace health and safety, as well as the comfort of staff. The reverse pulse cleaning system ensures maximum performance.

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Under Deck Auto Tool Changer

Large tools and aggregates can be loaded from a rack that is installed under the deck. The tools are covered to keep dust and swarf away from precision surfaces. Machine loads and unloads automatically. Up to 10 tools can be automatically changed using this optional accessory.

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