XRD Router.

for ducting and insulation manufacturing

The XRD Router is a custom spec machine with all the accessories needed to be the ultimate ductboard and insulation cutting machine. Based on the XR Router with added C axis and specialised tooling. Reciprocating saws, steered straight & bevel knives, pizza wheel cutters and more.

ART offers all-in-one CNC router for the HVAC&R industry

Advanced Robotic Technology (ART), has launched its SMART Router series XRD4800 with additional features designed to suit all applications within the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) industry.

Combining the proven performance of its CNC flatbed routers with an additional fourth axis to run tooling suited to process insulated duct board, ART has developed a versatile machine that is set to automate the once very labour intensive cutting process of duct board panels. Duct board is a composite product manufactured from rigid, high-density Polyurethane or Phenolic and facing foil, gaining increased interest in duct insulation applications due to its high performance, cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency.

By adding a fourth axis to its SMART Router series, ART transforms a once very messy job into a clean, automated process, offering the following and many more special tools designed for duct board cutting: Variable angled knives, steered reciprocating knives for duct board & fibreglass insulation etc., steered pizza cutter wheels for creasing and cutting a variety of insulation materials.

The machine comes with a process area of 4000mm x 1600mm, perfectly sized for insulated duct board supplied in 4000mm x 1200mm as a standard. According to ART’s Director Peter Nolan, the SMART Router series is unique in the Australian marketplace, as the only 100% Australian-made machine designed for HVAC systems from Mitsubishi applications featuring an additional fourth axis for automatic tool changes including special tools such as knives. “By adding the fourth axis, we have created an all-rounder for more cost-effective applications in the air conditioning, heating, sign writing, ventilation and ducting industries, as well as many other manufacturing fields. With the capabilities of cutting most materials such as insulated duct board, plastic, wood, aluminium and foam to name a few, the ART SMART Router is a complete solution for financially sensitive applications.”

To decrease production time, ART has equipped its SMART Router series with a gantry-mounted covered automated toolchanger, which turns creasing, variable-angle cutting, V-grooving and routing of insulated duct board into one efficient fully automated process. Other benefits include the elimination of mistakes and second cuts, no more marking out by hand, simplified complicated-angle cutting, complete dust removal for V-grooving and complete panels ready for joining done in one process.

Other applications for the XR CNC router in the HVAC industry includes routing aluminium grilles and diffusers, brackets, components and louvres, just to name a few.

ART is the only Australian manufacturer able to offer complete solutions for the HVAC&R industry by offering CNC routers and plasma cutters from a single source.

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Alignment Laser pointer

The precise laser dot makes setting up the job simple. It allows the operator to set the origin of the job and align to rotated material.

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Steered straight and angled knives

Allows processing of sheet or foamed materials. Various angles available. Special controller algorithms allow blades to enter material at correct angle. Bi-directional tool paths allow V shaped cuts

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Cutting and creasing wheels

Allows processing of thin materials such as cardboard or fibreglass matting. Many different configurations are available including wheels and blades. Automatic loading. Requires C axis.

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C Axis

Fast powerful C axis The C axis accessory enables the use of steered tooling such as knives, saws and aggregate tooling. Enables the use of steered tools such as knives and saws, as well as aggregates for drilling or machining on side faces. A C Axis may also be used for rigid tapping if required.

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Combination extraction foot

Computer controlled foot provides superior extraction, houses lube injectors and allows for air-assisted floating head operations. Steel construction provides a critical safety barrier around the tooling.

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Gantry Mounted Auto Tool Changer

o Gantry mounted rack changer allows faster and continuous processing without the need for manual interaction during tool changing.

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Vacuum matrix hold down system

Allows flat smooth products to be held down without the need for mechanical clamping. The deck can be ordered as manual, or automatic control of up to 8 zones. T-slot deck also available.

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High power vacuum pumps

Works hand in hand with a vacuum matrix deck to keep your work securely in place. Several options are available including rotary lobe pumps and side channel blowers to suit application.

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High speed spindles

High speed spindles are fitted with ceramic bearings for 24000RPM operation. Sizes up to 12kw are available on request.

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Use the laser pointer to plot lines and arcs precisely from templates with easy-to-use drawing tools.

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Integrated Safety Circuit

Category 4 safety controller interfaces with all safety sensors and switches. Monitors all devices and cuts power to drives and spindle through monitored safety contactors.

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High Router Gantry Bridge

250mm clearance can be achieved for processing deep 3D work such as moulds or processing large extrusions. The XR Router can make full use of this clearance due to the extreme telescopic Z axis travel

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Enclosed safety screens

Protects operator from safety-critical areas of the machine. Provides for a safe working environment.

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Heavy duty fabrication

Fully welded steel chassis construction using 250mm deep PFC & UB profiles. Close cross beam spacing gives unparalleled stability. Steel is machined for precision linear components.

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Wireless pendant controller

Allows the operator to get close to the action for optimal view during manual operations, or even stop the machine remotely from anywhere in the factory. Works in conjunction with touchscreen.

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Built-in WiFi networking

The controller easily connects into your existing WiFi network for downloading job files. Also supports remote access and diagnostics for the ART service team.

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Heavy duty AC servo drives

Coupled with precision planetary gearboxes provide fast positioning. Hardened and ground helical rack and pinion provides smooth motion with excellent edge finish on machining.

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Telescopic Z axis

The spindle can retract high above the deck while maintaining extreme rigidity over the full travel. Allows for extra deep cutting due to the ability to lift a long tool above a thick substrate.

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ProfileShop V3 Controller

ProfileShop graphical controller interface makes operation very fast to learn, while enabling a vast array of powerful features that make it one of the most efficient machines to use.

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Rotating Inkjet Printhead

Part numbers, fold lines, welding or assembly instructions and more can be printed directly onto any material. Print head rotates to print in any direction.

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ART iCam Vision System

Integrated into the ART controller. No extra third party computer system required. Camera automatically locates registration points and the aligns cut paths to suit distorted prints. Also traces patterns or existing parts.

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Scissor Lift

Works in conjunction with the automatic sheet loader. Load up a whole pallet load of material on the scissor lift to reduce manual handling.

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Aggregate tooling

Available in many configurations including reciprocating saws, chisels, floating engravers, side boring drills and saws. Automatic loading.

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Extrusion clamping system

Customised clamping jigs are available for machining aluminium and other extrusions. Multiple lengths can be processed in one fixing. Smaller profiles can be cut all the way through for fence posts etc.

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Pop-up locating pins

Computer controlled locating pins can be used for both manual and automatic sheet loading. The sheet is pushed against the pins which then pop down automatically when cutting begins.

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Sheet unloader/pusher bar

Push completed nests or sheets of material off the bed onto an unloading table. Improves productivity. Often used in conjunction with the automatic sheet loader.

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Automatic sheet loader

Using vacuum lifting cups, the computer controlled sheet loader pulls material onto the cutting deck, then automatically pushes it down and across against the locating pop-up pins.

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Bar code scanner

Just scan the bar code on the nest report and the correct file is loaded into the controller automatically. Reduces human error and automates the process.

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Unist Misting Lubricator

Dual and quad lubrication jets extend tool life dramatically and improve the cut quality in materials such as aluminium and steel. Computer controlled. Pulsing piston pump provides accurate dosing for optimal cutting.

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Automatic vacuum sector valves

Computer controlled valves are available to control the zones on the vacuum table. The controller automatically detects which vacuum zones the job is over and turns the vacuum on or off in that area.

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Under Deck Auto Tool Changer

Large tools and aggregates can be loaded from a rack that is installed under the deck. The tools are covered to keep dust and swarf away from precision surfaces. Machine loads and unloads automatically. Up to 10 tools can be automatically changed using this optional accessory.

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ProfileShop V4 Controller

ProfileShop V4 is a full 3D capable controller interface that provides a real-time display and simulation of all machining processes. All jobs are managed by on-screen controls for setting origins, changing tools, starting, stopping and recovering jobs.

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The XRD Router is based on the extremely popular XR Router, the worlds most versatile cnc machine